Ville Saint Laurent

Ville Saint Laurent is a borough in the North of Montreal,  snuggled between the typically Anglophone suburb of Point Claire to the West, and the traditionally francophone borough of Ahuntsic to the East. St. Laurent makes travel around the city a cinch due to it being well located between Montreal’s 3 main highways:  the 15, the 13 and the Trans Canada. Residents can live in quiet, peaceful suburban neighbourhoods full of parks, libraries and public spaces, and still make it  to work or anywhere else in the city in a heartbeat. Many of Montreal’s native businesses have also set up shop in St. Laurent, creating a beautiful tapestry of industrial and residential spaces – a wonderful microcosm of Montreal’s blend of industry anS community.


            Ville Saint Laurent is also one of Montreal’s more modern boroughs, with the quick and steady expansion of contemporary family homes in the Bois-Franc / Nouveau St. Laurent area, and the bustling condo installations popping up throughout.  The municipality attracts citizens from all walks of life, and is one of the most diverse regions of Montreal, an inviting and pleasant region for Anglophones and Francophones alike. Residents also can easily find the assorted ethnic amenities they desire, from great specialty restaurants and markets to superior schools and community outreach programs. Welcome to St. Laurent!


The Best of  Ville St Laurent

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Elementary/Secondary Schools


École Alex Manoogian-Armen Québec (private)
755, rue Manoogian
Saint-Laurent  H4N 1Z5
Phone: 514 744-5636


École Maïmonide, Campus Jacob Safra (private)
1900, rue Bourdon
Saint-Laurent  H4M 2X7
Phone: 514 744-5300

Secondary Schools


École LaurenHill Academy (EMSB)
Senior Campus

2505, boulevard de la Côte-Vertu
Saint-Laurent  H4R 1P3
Phone: 514 331-8781


École LaurenHill junior campus (EMSB)
2355, rue Decelles
Saint-Laurent  H4M 1C2
Phone: 514 331-8019


École Saint-Laurent


Édifice Émile-Legault (CSMB)
2395, boulevard Thimens
Saint-Laurent  H4R 1T4
Phone: 514 332-3190


Pavillon Saint-Germain (CSMB)
1870, rue Decelles
Saint-Laurent H4M 1A8
Phone: 514 332-3190



CÉGEP de Saint-Laurent
625, avenue Sainte-Croix
Saint-Laurent  H4L 3X7
Phone: 514 747-6521


CÉGEP Vanier College
821, avenue Sainte-Croix
Saint-Laurent  H4L 3X9
Phone: 514 744-7500

Specialized Schools


École Le Sommet-Summit School
1750, rue Deguire
Saint-Laurent  H4L 1M7
Phone: 514 744-2867

École Peter Hall inc. Campus Côte-Vertu
840, boulevard de la Côte-Vertu
Saint-Laurent  H4L 1Y4
Phone: 514 747-4075


École Peter Hall inc. Campus Ouimet
1455, rue Rochon
Saint-Laurent  H4L 3P9
Phone: 514 748-1050

École Vanguard Québec ltée, école primaire interculturelle
1150, rue Deguire
Saint-Laurent  H4L 1M2
Phone: 514 747-3711

Adult / Professional Education

Centre d’éducation des adultes Outremont (CEA Outremont)

500, boulevard Dollard
Outremont  H2V 3G2
Phone: 514 273-3353

Centre d’éducation des adultes Saint-Laurent (EMSB)
2405, Place Lafortune Ouest
Saint-Laurent  H4M 1A7
Phone: 514 337-3856


Centre de formation professionnelle de l’Ouest-de-Montréal,
Pavillon Saint-Laurent (CSMB)

3200, boulevard de la Côte-Vertu
Saint-Laurent  H4R 1P8
Phone: 514 333-8886

Centre de formation professionnelle Léonard-De Vinci (CSMB)
2405, boulevard Thimens
Saint-Laurent  H4R 1T4
Phone: 514 332-7934


School Boards



Commission scolaire English-Montréal (EMSB)
6000, avenue Fielding
Saint-Laurent  H3X 1T4
Phone: 514 483-7200


Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys (CSMB)
Siège social

1100, boulevard de la Côte-Vertu
Saint-Laurent  H4L 4V1
Phone: 514 855-4500


School Rankings

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Ville Saint Laurent Eats & Shops

For some really great food shopping, Ville St Laurent has Adonis Marché in the Place Vertu shopping center on Cote Vertu. Place vertu has a Canadian Tire, Sears, pharmacy and the Baie. Throughout Cote Vertu and the surrounding areas there are many strip centres and shopping. On Decarie Blvd off of Cote Vertu one can shop for art, enjoy a lunch……..


Neighborhood Walking Score

Ville Saint Laurent Is Car-Dependent