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Four Important Tips For Selling A House

These tips for selling a house are devised to provide my clients with a method to prepare their homes for sale, price their homes appropriately and get the word out to as many prospective buyers as possible. Visit the next section to learn about the four important steps in selling your home.

Home Evaluation & Pricing


The most important of the tips in selling a is pricing it correctly from the onset. Its a well known fact that overpriced homes take longer to sell and usually sell for a lower price eventually. Since the majority of your showings will occur in the first 30 days on the market it is crucial that your initial list price matches the markets expectations. To Request a detailed market evaluation and analysis of your home fill out the form below or call me at 514 916 6110.


Home Staging & De-cluttering


In order to get top dollar for your home you have to make your home look its best. I will help you identify and prioritize repairs and improvements that will provide the best return on your investment. Before your home goes on the market, I provide you with home staging advice to make every room in your home look its best.




With my understanding of the most current marketing trends in real estate and technology, as my client you will benefit from my use of the most up to date marketing tools both online and off. From the use of SMS to mobile websites, I can assure you that your property will be able to get in front of as many potential buyers as possible. My reach is extensive as I invest in web, social networking, direct mail and print campaigns that feature and syndicate your listing.




Successfully negotiating a real estate contract is more than a matter of luck or natural talent. When you receive an offer having a broker with a proven track record of bringing buyers and sellers together can make a huge impact on your final sales price. Our Montreal home listing specialists are skilled negotiators who can help you get to the highest price a potential buyer is willing to pay, as well as the best terms, shortest contingencies, fewest repairs and lowest closing costs. Rather than approaching negotiations from an adversarial winner-take-all perspective, our brokers focus on your top priorities and strive to keep emotions from over running the process.


What are the costs related to selling?

Four fees to budget and know about:


Brokerage fees are in most instances paid by the seller. Traditional commissions are approximately between four and five percent. If for example, the total commission is four percent, two percent goes to the listing broker and two percent to the buyers broker. If the listing broker represents both the buyer and seller, the listing broker will be entitled to four percent but may at his or her discretion offer the seller a better proposition, especially if the seller will be purchasing another home with this broker.  In the province of Quebec, brokerage fees are taxable, therefore Gst and Pst are added to the fees payable.


Building inspection:  Paid by buyer


Notary: Signing the deed of sale:  Paid by buyer


New Certificate of Location if needed:  Paid by Seller


If the certificate of location is older than ten years or there have been changes to the configuration of the property, the buyer’s bank will require a new certificate of location for the closing of the sale. It’s better to know this before you have an accepted offer as it usually can take up to three weeks for the new certificate to be ready.  Depending on the size of the property it can cost upwards or downwards of $800.00 If the Certificate is needed in English, this must be specified and requested in advance to the Surveyor.



Depends on who you hire, how much furniture you have, and how far you’re moving.  Ask several movers for estimates.


The parties (all buyers, sellers and agents involved in the sale) will meet at the notary’s office for the signing of the deed of sale and delivery of the keys.


At the signing of the deed of sale, the notary will address such issues as tax adjustments, utilities, co-op fees and any other expenses or revenues relating to the transfer of the property.


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Why It’s Important To Use A Professional Real Estate Broker To Sell Your Home

When you need legal advice, you hire a lawyer. Need advice on your taxes, you hire an accountant. Need major renovations on your home, you hire a contractor. Your property is a substantial part of your finances, so whether you decide to use my services or not, watch the video to learn why it’s important to use a professional broker to sell your home!