Walkable Neighborhoods

The Resurgence of Walkable Neighborhoods

The Resurgence of Walkable Neighborhoods

From the youngest generation to the oldest generation, there’s consensus that walkability is a shared amenity that needs even more attention in our cities. In fact, walkability is the feature of cities that holds promise to reduce the sprawl that we all hate. People want to be able to walk to get food, visit a restaurant, get a cup of coffee—or just walk to walk.

That drive to increase walkability requires a unique mix that’s often found in rejuvenated downtowns. There are schools and workplaces, as well as sidewalks and parks. People gather in open, public spaces, and they move from private functions (home) to other spots (work).

Want to learn more about the changing nature of our walkable cities? Check out this graphic courtesy of https://renttoownlabs.com


Urban Sprawl to Urban Stay


Bonnie Meisels
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