the hottest properties in montreal real estate

The Hottest Properties In Montreal Real Estate

The Hottest Properties In Montreal Real Estate

The hottest properties In Montreal Real Estate right now are revenue properties such as duplexes, triplexes, etc.

Overall Montreal sales in August were up 10% from August of 2018 while active listing inventory was down a hefty -21%.

Sales of plexes have always been healthy, unique to Montreal are the abundance of duplexes and plexes that dot neighborhoods such as Le Plateau and Cote des Neiges to name a few.  Although condo sales have been holding their own with a 23% increase from last year, plexes in the Montreal Metropolitan Area have also registered a substantial boost in sales to +18%

From January to August of 2019 plex sales were up 7% with sale prices up 7% as well. Current lack of inventory is driving prices up even further along with high demand.

All in all it’s still very much a sellers market across all categories of properties, but plexes seem to be selling like hotcakes.

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