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The Future of Real Estate

The Future of Real Estate

The future of real estate is tied to some strong, emerging technologies like blockchain, web – 3, and the tokenization of property. I don’t believe these technologies will completely erase the human side of things, but it will make things easier to do as most technology does. Another important topic which I’ll write about in a separate article is the emerging importance of Proptech. Proptech aims to innovate and disrupt the real estate industry the way Uber and Airbnb did. Through the improved use of data and platforms that make that data accessible to end users, this industry will continue to benefit. To get a feel for how these technologies touch real estate, here are a variety of articles that explain the connection and use cases.  The articles below, represent a compilation of research that cover some of these topics that can seem far from simple.

Council Post: The Future Of Real Estate Transactions On The Blockchain

Managing Partner and International Real Estate Investment Consultant at Barnes International . Automated Transactions Earlier this year, the mayor of Miami proposed allowing people to pay property taxes or city fees with cryptocurrency. Shortly after, a Miami penthouse sold to an anonymous buyer for $28 million – paid entirely in cryptocurrency, “making it the most expensive known residential crypto real estate transaction in the U.S.

What Is Web 3.0? Features, Definitions, & Examples

There are enough arguments about “what Web 3.0 is” to make it impossible to point to a single authoritative definition. But that’s fine, it means we can propose our own definition of Web 3.0. Here it is: Web 3.0 is the third generation of the Internet-a global network that permits intelligent interactions between all its users and devices.

4 Ways Web3 Will Impact Commercial Real Estate –

As the real estate world settles into Web2, Web3 is crashing down like an avalanche. Here are 4 ways Web3 will change commercial real estate. First (and for us rookies), what is Web3? Web3 is the next evolution of the internet. Centralized applications and software-driven operations dominated Web2.

How to invest in DeFi, NFT and Blockchain Startups? Investor’s Decision Making with Fabric VC

This time InnMind CEO Nelli Orlova interviews Ian Emerson, Venture Analyst at Fabric VC, one of the top-tier VC firms in blockchain and defi space.From this …

What Is Web 3.0 & Why It Matters

Written by Max Mersch and Richard Muirhead What technology benefits more than 3 Billion people for 80% of their waking hours every single day? Web 2.0. Web 2.0, coined as such by O’Reilly and others between 1999 and 2004, moved the world on from static desktop web pages designed for information consumption and served from expensive servers to interactive experiences and user-generated content that brought us Uber, AirBnB, Facebook and Instagram.



A Primer on the Tokenization of Real Estate

September 14, 2021 By Leonid Gurevich, Eric Tuckman and Brian McFarlane Tokenization, as it pertains to real estate, is the process of creating a virtual token that would represent ownership of a type of real estate asset.

Check out the report by Deloitte on the future of blockchain in commercial real estate:




I also love this mini podcast about Web 3:

The Ultimate Guide to Web 3.0

You’ve probably heard about Web3 unless you’ve been living under a rock. Web 3.0 is the next step in the web’s growth, and it aims to make the internet more intelligent. Before learning more about Web3, let’s understand the evolution of the web first.

Can Blockchain Really Benefit the Industry

Although much of this disruption is still partly theoretical, it has strong implications for the industry. The use of this technology holds the promise of improving trust and transparency between the parties, increased speed of leases and contracts, Other benefits, could be improved liquidity, fraud reduction and less involvment of middlement in the process. Personally, I think that nothing replaces a human overseeing things no matter how wonderful the technology. But I guess this is an active debate ripe for discussion.

There are currently some actual real world examples of countries using blockchain to register real estate transactions.

NJORD Estonia: Real estate transaction using blockchain technology | NJORD Law Firm

Recently, it was announced that the Swedish national real property register Lantmäteriet officially started using blockchain technology to register land and real estate transactions. Blockchain can be used as a technical solution for real estate transactions and for carrying out the registration process of mortgages.

These are the Top Real Estate Investment Companies in Estonia (2021)

This article showcases our top picks for the best Estonia based Real Estate Investment companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Real Estate Investment industry, but are all exceptional startups and companies well worth a follow. We tried to pick companies across the size spectrum from cutting edge […]

Estonia for example, has been a leading example for other countries around the world on how to digitize healthcare, and simplify many processes by using technology. Estonians have executed the technological aspects of their society beautifully, but this is much more challenging for big countries with large populations like the United States or Canada. Afterall, the population of Estonia is very small, consisting of less than one and a half million people,


MBK Announces Real Estate Tokenization Project

Blockchain continues to disrupt the EU real estate market. Just this week, the Tokyo-based investment bank, MBK announced plans to tokenize the sale of a property in Estonia. The news follows the greater trend of traditional financial institutions entering the blockchain space via a tokenized real e


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