If you’re like me and the way to your heart is through your stomach then you’ll enjoy my occasional  posts about food! One thing we have here in Montreal is good food and we know how to eat well. Every once in a great while I treat myself to some good ‘ol fashion fried chicken, although I admit that it’s not too often since I try to watch the waistline:) This is an article by Ksenia Prints for Thrillist Montreal.

The Best Fried Chicken Spots in Montreal

Second only to smoked meat as the premier carnivorous choice of Montreal (one day, pork, one day), chicken is probably never better than when it’s fried by a great chef. Here’s where to go when you inevitably start craving the stuff… More than any gospel church, Dinette Triple Crown will make a fried chicken believer out of you.


Bonnie Meisels
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