Ten Emerging Trends In Real Estate 2017

Ten Emerging Trends In Real Estate 2017

Ten Emerging Trends In Real Estate 2017

Ten emerging trends in real estate 2017, features a great article by Curbed, giving us a picture of the U.S. economic growth and  real estate returns. Despite all the recent political uncertainty with Brexit and the U.S. election results, the United States still seems to be a safe haven for investment. “According to the Urban Land Institute’s annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report, which was just released this morning at their annual meeting in Dallas, real estate in the United States shows a more favorable outlook than much of the rest of the world. Of course, this attention carries plenty of risks and challenges.”

Top 10 trends shaping real estate in 2017

For months, the real estate market-and markets in general-have suffered a lack of security. From the Brexit aftermath to the U.S. election, political wildcards as well as structural market shifts have made prognostication and predictions difficult. But there are still fundamental changes at play and, amid the ups-and-downs, the United States has emerged as a safe haven and investment opportunity.

Here’s the report from the Urban Land Institute on “The Emerging Trends In Real Estate for U.S. and Canada”

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