Social responsibility and non profits
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Passion Makes A Difference

Doing Work That Matters!


Social responsibility and non profits are a great combination with real estate.  Why not use real estate transactions to help your local and / or global communities to make a difference! Whether you’re buying or selling your Montreal real estate, it’s always a huge decision. Probably one of the biggest decisions you can make. Aside from having my knowledge and expertise to guide you, I donate a portion of my profits to the non profit of your choice! It’s nice to know that on top of having a successful transaction, you’re using your real estate transaction in a socially responsible way and are able to make a positive impact on something that’s close to your heart. You make a difference!!



Below are some of the amazing non profits some of my clients have introduced me too and I’ve had the pleasure to know.  Some are more well known then others, operate locally and / or  globally. What they all have in common is that they do awesome work that addresses many diverse needs and communities. I hope you’ll  be inspired liked I was to learn of their existance.  If you don’t see a non profit that’s of special importance to you, the list is growing all the time with your help.

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social responsibility and non profits

social responsibility and non profits 2

Rosamond Halsey Carr at the Imbabazi Orphanage
doctors without borders 1
doctors withour borders
Regroupement Trisomie 21

Regroupement Trisomie 21, based in Montreal is a local organization helping families with children with Down Syndrome. Visit their website to learn more about their incredible work!

Miriam Foundation

The Miriam Foundation, based in Montreal is a local organization that does exceptional work helping families with children with autism. Please visit their website to learn more about their incredible work!

Light A Dream

Light A Dream Non Profit

Light A Dream is an exceptional organization supporting young adults with autism and other intellectual disabilities with career training and vocational opportunities. Light A Dream, through the use of both classroom training and hands on experience in a variety of job placements, creates a safe and secure sense of community for  the students, enhancing their self esteem, work, social and leadership skills.

CTV recently did a segment on the wonderful and important work of this special foundation!

A career for those with special needs

CTV Montreal reports on Light a Dream, a West Island foundation that teaches job and life skills

Learn more about this awesome organization!


Ronald Mcdonald House Montreal

The Ronald McDonald House Montreal is a temporary home away from home for out-of-town (more than 55 km) families of children with critical illnesses who must travel to Montreal for medical treatments. Our vision is to  offer children the possibility of having their parents near them during their treatment or hospitalization. For $10 per night, families can access a warm and secure home where they can find comfort and support during this difficult and stressful time.

Visit their website to learn more about the important work they do!


Logifem provides accommodation and support to women and children experiencing homelessness in Montreal. They have a primary residence where each woman has her own room, meals are provided and Intervention Workers are available 24 hours a day. They also have transitional apartments in the community where women, both with and without children, can stay for up to three years. They’ve been able to help thousands of women and children move on from incredibly difficult situations related to issues such as conjugal violence, mental health problems, financial difficulties, isolation and difficulties parenting.

When you support Logifem you are supporting a whole community.


Watch the video and learn more about what they do!


Visit their website!

SPCA Montreal

SPCA MONTREAL’S was founded in Montreal in 1869, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was the first animal-welfare organization in Canada. The SPCA is the largest animal-protection organization in Quebec, speaking on behalf of animals wherever there is ignorance, or cruelty. Their  mission consists of protecting animals from neglect, abuse and exploitation; representing their interests and ensuring their well-being; and last but not least, raising public awareness and helping develop compassion for all sentient beings.


Visit their website to learn more about the important work they do!


Social responsibility and non profits


Use my donation to support someone’s campaign on GoFundMe!

jewish general hospital foundation

Donations to the Jewish General Hospital Foundation are essential for the funding of initiatives like cancer research as well as providing vital hospital resources!

Fondation Emergo

Camp Emergo, is the first summer camp for autistic people in Québec, which was set up by parents of the Association des enfants autistiques du Québec (today, the Fédération québécoise de l’autisme).  It’s mission is to offer respite services to families living with autistic people or people having pervasive developmental disorders by welcoming them in a safe and stimulating outdoor environment adapted to their needs, thus encouraging them to maintain and develop their capabilities. To learn more about the incredible work this organization does, visit the foundations website!

Montreal General Hospital


Code Life: The Montreal General Hospital Foundation’s Mission is to Provide Vital Support for Vital Care through Training, Technology and Research. Code Life is their pledge to protect, heal, extend, and save life by means of leading-edge medical research and care. The Montreal General Hospital (MGH), the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and more broadly, within the McGill academic health network, work in close partnerships with donors and collaborators to raise awareness and foster excellence in vital care to all patients, present and future.

Visit their website to learn more about the foundation and their awesome work!

Social Responsibility Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only free, anonymous and bilingual professional counselling, information and volunteer support service for young people. They are available 24/7 by phone, Live Chat, and the Always There chat app.

Visit their website to learn more about the important work they do!


Rainbow Railroad was founded in 2006 to provide an additional solution to address the global refugee crisis, to which LGBTQI persons are uniquely vulnerable. Rainbow Railroad provides support to LGBTQI individuals
seeking safety with airfare and financial support that facilitates departure, travel, arrival and referral for settlement. Beyond direct financial assistance, Rainbow Railroad provides information, resources and advice for
asylum claimants.


Visit their website to learn more about the important work they do!


SHARE THE WARMTH’S mission is to awaken hopes and dreams in the South-West of Montréal and Verdun community through excellence in programming that fosters the overall development and success of youth, increases access to food security and health for all, and offers work training programs. We are inspired by a vision of a vibrant community where all members reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. We promote member involvement in all aspects of the organization and innovative and efficient use of our resources, especially the building in which we offer our programs. Our mission is lived out in schools, with youth and in the community by providing food, school supplies, scholarships and tutoring, music for youth, a food bank, a fruit and vegetable market, a community Boutique and lunches, work and volunteering programs and more. At our core is the belief that together, we can fight hunger and poverty.

There values are generosity and reciprocity, accountability and responsibility, creativity, openness, inclusion and respect.


Visit their website to learn more about the important work they do!

CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation
Plant Trees Save Lives
Old Brewery Mission Logo

The Old Brewery Mission is an incredible organization based here in Montreal that is trying to end homelessness! Some frightening statistics you  may not know according to The Old Brewery Mission

  • As many as 50,000 make up the “hidden’ homeless”, “couch-surfers” or individuals who stay with family, friends, or others because they have nowhere else to go[1].
  • The average life expectancy of a person experiencing homelessness in Canada is 39 years[2].
  • For people who remain homeless for more than three months — the chronically homeless — life on the streets and in shelters creates cascading trauma often leading to addiction, abuse and suicide[2].
  • The chronic homeless incur large economic costs – an estimated $1.1 billion or $35,000 cost per person each year through being inappropriately ‘housed’ in jails and temporary shelters and using hospital emergency departments[2].
  • On The Mission

    • the largest resource of its kind for homeless men in Quebec and for homeless women in Canada.
    • Operates seven pavilions across the city of Montreal and employs 200 trained individuals.
    • Transitions more than 600 homeless men and women
      back into society every year.
  • To learn more about all the vital and great work the Mission does, visit their website.
RAVEN Trust logo 2

RAVEN’s vision is a country that embraces the ancestral laws of Indigenous Peoples and their equitable access to the justice system within a thriving natural habitat. Their mission is to raise legal defence funds to assist First Nations who enforce their rights and title to protect their traditional territories. The environmental challenges that face many First Nations in Canada are really challenges for the entire world. Fundamentally, we believe these are issues of human rights and climate change – we are seeking environmental justice for all.

To learn more about RAVEN visit their website

Montreal Heart Institute

The Montreal Heart Institute Foundation supports one of Montreal’s most prescious resources, The Montreal Heart Institute. This hospital is  specialized and dedicated to the development of cardiology, and is affiliated with the Université de Montréal. The hospital is a provincial, national, and international leader in healthcare, prevention, research and teaching in the area of cardiovascular disease.

Visit their website to learn more about the important work they do!

Welcome Hall Mission

Welcome Hall Mission founded in 1892 provides support to the homeless, young single mothers, families and at-risk youth. Their mulititude of programs transform the lives of struggling Montrealers every day, providing them with nourishing meals, education, employment classes, recovery, and community. Supporting Welcome Mission Hall helps them to lend a hand to anyone that needs it!


Visit their website to learn more about the important work they do!



Water First Education & Training Inc. is one of the top charitable organizations in Canada addressing water challenges in Indigenous communities through education, training and meaningful collaboration.

Founded in 2009 to bring drinking water resources to rural schools in Uganda, we provided training on the operations and maintenance of the water and sanitation systems we installed. Water First began working with Indigenous communities in Canada in 2012, after being challenged and inspired on numerous occasions about why we weren’t working with communities here in Canada experiencing water challenges.

Our projects with Indigenous communities were initially small but grew quickly. Within a few years, our collaborations accounted for nearly 90% of program resources. Water First dedicated itself exclusively to working with Indigenous communities in 2016. We focus on technical skills training in the fields of both drinking water and environmental water, as well as water science education for Indigenous youth.


Visit their website to learn more about the important work they do!