A Snapshot of Mount Royal – Nature’s Real Estate

A Snapshot of Mount Royal – Nature’s Real Estate

It’s been raining here in Montreal the past two days but never the less, I managed to sneak in a walk to the mountain, one of my favorite past times. After all, this warm season is short and before we turn around, it’s the beginning of fall. Inspired by Monet’s Haystak series where he shoots the same haystak at different intervals during a 24 hour period, and at varying points of light, the view at the mountain summit looks  ompletely different, depending on the season, weather, time of day et.  I shot this quik video of the summit after the torrential downpour had leared and the haziness remained on the horizon.  In ontrast you an see through my photos how the summit looks at dusk and in brilliant sunshine.

I took the above photo this fall, the colors and image has the feeling of an impressionist painting rather a photo.

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Bonnie Meisels
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