Reaping The Rewards Of Going Green

This story is about an Ontario man who decided to take full advantage of all the program and rebates that were available for him to go green. He installed solar panels on his roof, purchased an electric vehicle and installed a charging station for himself.  Not only has he been able to lower his energy costs but he’s been able to subsidize his electrical bills by selling his energy production surplus back to his utility grid. Read the full story below, story by Doug Shmidt for the Windsor Star;

Windsor’s early green home converts are already reaping the rewards

Michael Schneider could be the poster child for the provincial government’s new Climate Change Action Plan, a multibillion-dollar strategy that relies heavily on getting Ontarians to invest in greener homes and transportation. The changes start rolling out in 2017, but a growing number of Windsor residents, like Schneider, are already doing their part and cashing in on going green, writes Doug Schmidt.

Bonnie Meisels
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