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As a realtor montreal broker and a graduate of Parsons School of Design, my specialized background is in design. After living in Manhattan for six and a half years I worked as a handbag and accessory designer doing private label for many of the largest department and chainstores in North America. After moving back to my native Montreal, to get married and have my family, I integrated my passion for design, social entrepreneurship, and the majestic beauty of nature into my real estate practice


Real estate itself is due for some real renovations.

Of course real estate is about property, but’s it’s also mostly about people, their stories, their lives. People need to come first in any transaction and the planet needs a new place in the discussion about how we can lower our footprint in the built environment  and live more sustainably and harmoniously with nature.

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In January of 2014, I took my exam to become LEED certified. I’m passionate about our beautiful planet and envision that much needs to change in terms of our built environment. As the reality of climate change sinks in and more devasting weather patterns unfold, we can’t keep building more of the same. It’s time to greenify our planet.  There are many choices we can make such as deciding to use sustainable materials, reduce our water usage and improve energy efficiency. As a realtor Montreal broker, it’s been a journey to explore where sustainability can be better integrated into new and old building constructions.


Real estate for social good is about building sustainable local and global communities. Real estate transactions are happening everyday and throughout the globe. Why not use the power of our real estate transactions as a way to give back and contribute to what is close to our hearts.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, once the transaction has closed, as a Montreal realtor, I donate a portion of my profits to the non profit of your choice. Your choice matters!

Make A Difference
Plant Trees Save Lives


I participate in a tree planting program run by Trees For The Future. Trees For The Future is a non profit organization that plants trees in communities all over the world that have been devastated by deforestation. To have a tree planted on your behalf email me at


Here’s a great video from Trees for the Future.  In the video, you’ll hear from Dave Deppner, the founder of Trees for the Future. He describes the journey of the organization and the work they do today. Also, hear about their unique idea of garden-forests – sustainably grown forests that also provide locals with resources needed to make sure they can can sustain themselves and generations to come.


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