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My Montreal real estate blog which I call “One Good Earth” was created in honor of mother earth, this glorious earth which so generously and unconditionally nourishes and sustains us on this planet. When I think about the earth, I can’t help but reflect upon the beauty inherent in nature’s design. Nature’s bounty and abundance is evident everywhere we look…..

There’s so much wisdom and knowledge in the perfection of natural systems of which we still have little understanding……All I do know is that the time has come for us to rethink our relationship with nature and our place within the scheme of things. Modern civilization has progressed to the point where our constant expansion is having dire consequences on the planet’s ecosystems. Everything exists in relationship to the other and with the extinction of many species, we don’t yet understand that which we are breaking.

Real Estate makes up a huge portion of the built environment all across the world and sustainability is being discussed from countries to corporations to inspired individuals taking action to implement more sustainable choices. While this is all positive there seems to be this disconnect between our cityscape and the sense of nature that exists all around us. We’ve built our cities on an infrastructural base of concrete and asphalt, both of which are the worst materials in terms of their heat effect.  How insane will the weather disruptions have to get before change is forced upon us. Can we be more proactive in our choices, finding solutions to some of the most plaguing problems on the planet like waste, energy efficiency and food production, conservation, etc….

My intention with this blog is to feature ideas, discussions and thoughts around companies, concepts and people that are attempting to tackle these issues. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed sharing this with you.

To quote Albert Einstein on insanity, “To keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a form of insanity.” So if we’re not happy with the status quo of our planet and climate, it’s time to take action and figure out some solutions.

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For more info on sustainable building, read The Healthy Building Movement



Montreal Real Estate Blog One Good Earth




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