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In honour of this Mothers Day I feel compelled to give thanks to our mother earth.  I want to express my gratitude to all the  trees that work 24 hours, non stop, consuming CO2, Let us not forget that without this, there wouldn’t be enough oxygen in the atmosphere to sustain humanity’s existence on this planet. . The oceans also play a vital role in CO2 absorption.  Currently, an over abundance of CO2 is causing the oceans to become chemically imbalanced. This increased acidification is making it harder for many of it’s inhabitant species to survive. The trees are the lungs of the earth and the oceans, the bloodstream.

We’re all ONE species on this spinning blue planet. We’re all members of one race, and that’s human. We share this planet with all the creatures from the tiniest of organisms to the largest of animals. They have a right to exist in peace, unencumbered by our pollutiion, aggression and indifference to their plight. What happens to them is a reflection of what eventually happens to us.

In many developed parts of the world, from our sheltered abodes of comfort, it’s easy to become both complacent and disconnected from the natural world. During COVID, and all this time confined to home, I admittedly yearn for travel or part time relocation to some nature filled, uncommercial, destinations.

For a brief period, at the beginning of the pandemic, the world got a glimpse of a small resurgence of nature amid the true blue skies of the less polluted planet atmosphere. It was quite spectacular.

Here in Montreal, the summer season is upon us, I find myself in a state of wonder, love and appreciation for all the natural beauty that surrounds us. I’ve been watching Davd Attenborough’s new series on Netflix, Life In Color. Not only is it wonderful, but it serves to remind me of how much is at stake with climate change. We have so much to lose…. I wish I could offer up some instant remedies for us to heal the planet but I don’t have any. All I do know is that if we collectively come together to address this issue and take action, everything is possible. Sending a man to the moon was once considered an unimaginable feat, and so was landing a rover device on Mars. If we can accomplish that, we most certainly can accomplish the most incredible, unimaginable feats! We are remarkable!

I put together and thought I would share a video slideshow of images that inspire me. Each image is by a photographer who generously shares their work with the public. Please see the photo credits for the slide and photographers name.

The video is quite long, but I found it hard to edit since so many of the images respresent the beauty of the earth and mankind’s imagination.


Ode to Mother Earth Video

Ode to Mother Earth is a compilation of images from many photographers who are sharing their vision and have captured the beauty of nature and the earth with their photo. Their photos instill a sense of awe and appreciation for the world we inhabit.

Bonnie Meisels
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