Mount Royal – The Crown Jewel Of Montreal

Mount Royal – The Crown Jewel Of Montreal

Mount Royal truly is the jewel of Montreal! It’s highest point rising high above the city at 764 ft provides spectacular, panoramic views as far as the eye can see. It’s not surprising that this park is so well designed, it’s  original landscaper was the famous Frederick Law Olmsted, best known for his work at New York’s Central Park.

Whether you’re new to Montreal, or have been living here for years, Mount Royal offers a natural oasis amidst the city. There are countless trails to explore that provide ample exercise for joggers, walkers, hikers, bikers and nature lovers. If you’re feeling less adventurous, there’s a wide circular gravel pathway that takes you all around the mountain, with no chance of getting lost. For those that want to go deeper into nature and want more of a workout, there are endless trails that will lead you to the downtown core or the eastern, Park Avenue side of the city.

For great views of the city, there’s the lookout point with it’s chalet that was originally built in 1932. For the lookout point that is accessible by car, it’s approximately halfway between Camille Houde and Cote des Neiges as you drive through the mountain. The evening sunset promises spectacular views as you can see from some of the above images in this post.

To get to Mount Royal park you only need to start up any hill from downtown and you’ll eventually find yourself there. A trail from the Cartier monument on the Park Avenue side (bus80/435 or 129) winds gradually upward toward the top. Or go to Mont-Royal metro station and take the 11 bus. You can also drive up via Côte-des-Neiges and the Voie Camillien-Houde.

As long as weather permits, I try to take every opportunity to do an hour hike or bike ride to the mountain. I’ve often  had some awesome nature sightings like red foxes, large brown and grey owls, red and/or black crested woodpeckers and of course there’s no shortage of racoons.

Click here to learn more about the history and geology of Mount Royal

Sunset photo by Thomas Clahane
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