Montreal Time Lapse

Montreal Time Lapse – A Cool Experience

Montreal Time Lapse

Montreal Time Lapse is today’s post about some videos that I thought I would share. The first video is called “Merry Montreal” and was created by Joerg Daiber from Spooner Films.  It’s a wonderful expression of Montreal as seen through it’s different seasons, places and time frames.

Whether you love skating, beautiful skylines, or interesting landscapes, this video does a great job of expressing Montreal through time lapse! Enjoy:)

Click here to see more of Joerg Daiber’s videos

More Montreal Time Lapse & Drone Videos

Another cool video that you might enjoy is by Tristan Henry; His video features Montreal as it moves from Day to Night.


I love some of the drone videos that feature Montreal from above!  Here’s a collection of drone videos that offer a neat perspective!

Video by Jonathan Peel

Video by For91days


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