Montreal Real Estate Prices

Montreal Real Estate Prices

Montreal Real Estate Prices

Montreal real estate prices vary across the many different neighborhoods in the Greater Montreal area. The sales data and market place can vary as greatly as an areas style of architecture. Within Montreal, there exists many micro neighborhoods and markets.  Although our general market reports cover the overall sales in the GMA, the devil is always in the details. Housing styles and prices are unique to each region and cannot be compared. For example, single family homes in the urban Le Plateau are entirely different and not comparable to the suburban town of Hampstead. Condos in Old Montreal are not comparable to the Griffintown market.

Inventory supplies are significantly lower compared to last year across most of Montreal’s popular quartiers. When looking at a particular region, it’s important to consider the whole picture such as the average days on market, average sales price, inventory supply, etc.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the average selling prices from January – April 2018, in several Montreal areas.Montreal Real Estate PricesData Source Via QFREB

For more detailed information on the market performance in your neighborhood, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!



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