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Montreal Real Estate News is a digital newspaper aimed at helping you stay up to date on what’s happening in our local Montreal real estate market. Discover stories as they happen around the world along with what’s going on in our beautiful city of Montreal!


Besides real estate, the newsletter covers many topics of interest such as travel, technology, science, art, sustainability, and climate change, as well as current news stories. Although the world technically has borders, this digital era compresses the world into a globally interconnected space. What happens in a remote part of the world has real time effects for us all. I find it helpful to know what’s going on in the world and thankfully, not everything is bad news!


After attending school in some major U.S. cities, I always appreciated coming home to Montreal. This city is unique and incredible in many ways. Our public transportation system is enviable compared to a city like Los Angeles. The cost of housing and rents are also less expensive in comparison to San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York City.  Montreal also happens to have some of the best restaurants and is a cool tapestry of unique neighborhoods, rich with history. Many places have tons of character and personality.  What makes an area like Le Plateau Mont Royal for example, so wonderful, is the diversity of cultures of the people that live there. There’s a vibrant energy that lives in these streets of multi-colored homes and apartments. The architecture of this neighborhood is also unique to Montreal!


Curated topics of interest:


The newsletter features some up to date market stats and follows the Montreal’s housing market. You can also check out some of the market reports. The curated topics are a reflection of my many interests, from science, technology, fashion, art, sustainability, travel, photography, entertainment, gardening and of course, last but not least, food and urban culture.


One of my favorite topics of course is food, and Montreal is fabulous for that. Here’s a good resource for some top restuarants


For more detailed neighborhood info and reports, please email me at bmeisels@kw and I’ll be happy to send you some comprehensive data on the area you choose.


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