Montreal Real Estate Market 2021 & Beyond

Montreal Real Estate Market 2021 & Beyond

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Montreal Real Estate Market 2021 & Beyond

Montreal real estate market 2021 & beyond provides a complete snapshot of the market across many factors. From immigration, unemployment, projections for 2022 and the past performance of 2020, we can get a clearer picture of where things are at.  

Everyone has witnessed a housing market with steadily increasing prices and inventory shortages, especially in certain markets. The question is will this continue? Is inflation a part of why we are seeing this. Prices have increased across many categories, not just housing. From Ray Dalio to Michael Burry, or Cathy Wood from Ark Invest, there’s much debate and analysis about where the overall stock markets are heading.  One thing I do know for certain is that real estate, if held over long stretches of time, only goes in one direction, and that’s up!

As borders reopen and foreign students return to university, immigration levels are expected to increase in 2022.  Part two of this series will visit some of the best and worst performing neighborhoods for residential sales.

Economic forcast for Quebec and other provinces:

Provincial Economic Forecast

This provincial outlook incorporates widespread upgrades to 2021 growth forecasts relative to the March view. Upward adjustments range from 0.2 ppts in Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick to 0.6 ppts in Quebec. The improved outlook is despite a third wave that has imparted more economic damage than endured during the second wave.

Credit Suisse predicts global growth of 5.9% for 2021, says stocks to outperform other asset classes

Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse expects global growth to accelerate in the coming months as countries gradually reopen their economies, leading to a recovery in revenue growth and rehiring. In its investment outlook for the second half of 2021, Credit Suisse predicted the world economy will grow 5.9% this year and 4% in 2022.

Dow Jones Forecast 2021, 2022, 2023

Dow Jones predictions for July 2021. The forecast for beginning of July 34634. Maximum value 38047, while minimum 33739. Averaged Dow Jones value for month 35578. Value at the end 35893, change for July 3.64%. Dow Jones index predictions for August 2021. The forecast for beginning of August 35893.




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A crazy week for U.S. stocks came with a change in the market narrative – should investors believe it?

Fears of runaway inflation have been swapped for worries about a rapid slowdown in global economic growth – and that made for one very long, holiday-shortened week for U.S. investors – but is this new narrative the right one ? A Treasury debt rally became a buying frenzy, sending long-term yields sharply lower.



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