Montreal Real Estate A Golden Opportunity For Foreign Investors

Montreal Real Estate A Golden Opportunity For Foreign Investors

Montreal Real Estate A Golden Opportunity For Foreign Investors

Montreal Real Estate is a golden opportunity for foreign investors with U.S. or stronger currency! This beautiful city of Montreal, my home and birthplace has witnessed many  roller coaster rides as far as the real estate market is concerned.  Our steaming hot real estate market came to an end in 2012, only to find it roar back and on pace to meet or beat it’s pre-market records of 2012.

Our city has always been like a best kept secret. With fantastic food and restaurants, boutique shops, European flavor, incredible diversity of peoples, neighborhoods, and culture, Montreal is and remains a wonderful place to live or just hangout for lengthy periods of time.  You can say that I’m not objective, but that wouldn’t be true. After living in the U.S. for more than eight years, in two great citys, NY and LA, which are both quite spectacular for different reasons, I can honestly say, Montreal has it’s own unique things on offer.

I must confess I’m a girl whose heart lies in her stomach, so generally I’m happy whereever there’s a celebration of great food.

Check out some of Anthony Bourdain’s Montreal travel tips:

Anthony Bourdain: Prepare yourself for Montreal’s food (Parts Unknown, Quebec)

Anthony Bourdain says chefs in Montreal are making a mark on the culinary world, and he offers advice for when you visit.


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Best Places to Eat

“Unapologetically over the top. This place is where you want to be: sucking down oysters and good wine at Joe Beef.”A visit to Schwartz’s (beef) is a must. “You can’t not do this when you come to Montreal.”You don’t come to Montreal to eat French food. Food is, however, a major reason to come to Montreal.
Old Montreal
“It’s old. It’s pretty. Nowadays it’s a magnet for tourists.”
Montreal’s “Underground City”
A collection of cheap clothing stores, drug stores, metro stations, etc. — it’s a shopping mall. Enough said.
Getting Around
“Modeled after the Paris Metro, the Montreal metro is not bad. Ride the train for about $3 for a trip, or $8 for a 24-hour pass.”Information Source: Anthony Bourdain #noreservationsFor the full list of restaurants, watch the episode!Now aside from all the fabulous food Montreal has on offer, the investment opportunity for those with U.S. or stronger currency to invest, is spectacular. Whether you’re investment objectives are to get a great return on your dollar over time, or a vacation pied-a-terre, the investment numbers don’t lie. To illustrate the point, let’s for example take a property purchase price of $400k, which by the way would buy you a teepee in Toronto or outhouse in Vancouver….. 400k in Montreal would buy you a nice one bedroom condo in a desirable Montreal neighborhood.  In U.S. funds, 400k, according to todays exchange rate becomes $292815.06 U.S. dollars. A discount of over $100k. If you know of another product or investment with anything close to that kind of discount, please let me know!Of course it’s still important to get proper advice in selecting a great property and neighborhood. I would encourage anyone whose wondering what to do with their available investment funds to take advantage of this golden opportunity in our current Montreal real estate market! Be smart and in the know, while Montreal still remains one of the best kept secrets, for now.


Bonnie Meisels
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