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Montreal Real Estate And Foreign Investment As Of August 2016

Foreign Investment in Canada And Montreal

Foreign investment up until August has been slower in Montreal than other parts of Canada like Vancouver. But this is set to change. Read about new measures imposed on foreign investment in the Vancouver market in this informative article by Benjamin Shingler for the CBC on how the new tax imposed on foreign buyers in Vancouver should effect our Montreal real estate market. The article also provides a snapshot comparable of the average home price in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.  With no surprise, the average home price in Vancouver is three times the average home price in Montreal. Read the article below.

Could Montreal’s real estate market be the next target for foreign investors?

A new tax on foreign buyers in Vancouver has real estate agents predicting a spillover effect into other Canadian markets. But it’s unclear if Montreal, often an outlier when it comes to real estate trends, will be among them. “I really don’t think this is something that’s looming for Montreal,” said Martin Desjardins, a Montreal realtor with Sutton Quebec.


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