Milan's Green New Deal - Leadership for the World

Milan’s Green New Deal – Leadership for the World

Milan’s Green New Deal – Leadership for the World

All photos copyright Bonnie Meisels

Milan’s green new deal – leadership for the world as a shining example for the urban regeneration of cities and neighborhoods. The featured photo is of a new development called Bosco Verticale. This is found in an area of Milan called Porta Nuovo a newly constructed neighborhood with a focus on sustainable development. The aim is to create a thriving community with a healthy lifestyle and focus on wellness.  The architecture is wonderful!

These are just some of the photos from the area:




Milano Porta Nuova

Filmato di presentazione del progetto Milano Porta Nuova – Produzione BROAD WAY

Another project that’s leading the way is called MIND, which stands for Milan Innovation District.

“The Arexpo site constitutes an epicentric polarity with enormous potential. The primary goal of redevelopment is to found a sustainable ecosystem capable of bringing out a new community and representing an exemplary model for the future urban regeneration of the world.

Through a transformation and regeneration project, MIND promises to become a new urban catalyst, characterized by a substantial functional and social mix able to connect not only to the community of the center of Milan but to constitute itself, the mending between the neighboring epicenters , thus becoming a strategic area for the entire country.

MIND will become a new district of Milan : a real city within a city that looks to the future with a vision that combines the scientific, academic and environmental aspects.”

What I especially loved when touring the city was all the greenery infused into the buildings. This rooftop in the photo below is awesome!



Milano Urban Rooftop


This outdoor pop up eating space can easily be recreated with a little imagination. Making something out of nothing…instant outdoor balcony space for a restaurant. Now that’s creative!


Pop up instant balcony for eating outside


All in all, Milan is a living laboratory for the future of the development of sustainable cities and how to live in harmony with nature and one another. A greener future is on the horizon and North America needs to follow suit.

Bonnie Meisels
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