Montreal’s Little Burgundy Named The City’s Hottest New Neighbourhood

Keeping track of the ‘it’ neighborhood is pretty hard in Montreal. St. Henri used to be the latest borough to be in, so did Mile End, and now Little Italy is looking to be the hippest ‘hood.

Montreal City Guide: Griffintown, St-Henri and the Little Burgundy

Located in the South West of the city’s downtown core, this area is fast becoming a trendy spot. “The Montreal community of Griffintown was a working class neighbourhood situated in the former southwestern downtown part of Montreal.

Exploring Montreal: The Soulful Ghosts of Little Burgundy

The story of the neighboring districts of Little Burgundy and Saint-Henri is an oft-told one. Both are working-class neighborhoods that were lively in the thirties and forties, but went into decline after new road infrastructure (like the Turcot interchange) isolated them during the urban renewal efforts of the sixties.