Introducing 5022 Rue Garnier in the Plateau Mont Royal

Introducing 5022 Rue Garnier In Le Plateau Mont Royal

Introducing 5022 Rue Garnier In Le Plateau Mont Royal


Introducing 5022 Rue Garnier In Le Plateau Mont Royal. Tucked inside of Le Plateau Mont Royal is a small section called Le Petit Laurier. The streets are tree lined and green bicycle paths dot the roads. Around each corner you’ll find beautiful and unique boutiques, gourmet, charming restaurants, hip cafes, and local grocers.


Some history of this neighborhood.:


  • In the 1950s, Portuguese immigrants moved into the neighborhood, brightening up the area between Roy and Rachel, Saint-Urbain and de Bullion
  • Due to its large concentration of French immigrants who arrived in the early twenty-first century, the neighborhood has been named “Le Petit Paris,” la Petite-France, or ironically “La Nouvelle-France”


  • Laurier Avenue, which runs through the neighborhood, was originally known as St. Louis Street in the old village of Mile End. After the annexation of that village to the City of Montreal in 1899, it was decided that the street name should be changed to Laurier Avenue in honor of the former Prime Minister of Canada, Sir Wilfrid Laurier


  • The neighborhood is currently a creative, family-oriented, neighborhood that is both young and hip while being very attached to its roots, history, and local merchants.


The neighborhood has a rich architectural heritage, with a mix of styles, including Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco. It’s architecture is a reflection of its history, with many buildings dating back to the early 20th century. It currently also serves as a reflection of its current residents, with many young families and professionals who have renovated and restored the older buildings.


Right off Laurier is a new 3 bedroom listing located at 5022 Rue Garnier. Pls watch the video and or visit the listing details


Welcome to 5022 RueGarnier in Le Petit Laurier Neighborhood in Le Plateau Mont Royal.

Welcome to 5022 Rue Garnier. Located in Le Petit Plateau, one of the most wonderful and desirable areas of Le Plateau. This 3 bedroom, large condo will charm you with it’s character and spaciousness. Some of the features include hardwood flooring, high ceilings, wood mouldings, luxury bathroom with heated floors, and 2 balconies overlooking the tree lined street.


To get a feel for the beautiful neighborhood of Le Petit Laurier, watch my video.




LE PETIT PLATEAU IN PLATEAU MONT ROYAL Location, location, location! These are the 3 most important rules in real estate! This spectacular quartier is a truly walkable neighborhood. It’s tree lined streets and green biking lanes adorn the streets create a delightful experience.

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