Inspect to Sell

Inspect to Sell

Inspect to Sell

Inspect to sell and why it’s important!

When it comes to selling your property the last person you’d probably take advice from is a home inspector. But in light of what I’m about to tell you maybe I should be the first one you come to.

Have you ever sold something that you knew nothing about. Or at least very little?

Chances are the answer is no. When you sell a car, you know when the last time you did an oil change was, how old the tires are, and when the breaks were last checked. That old iPhone that’s been in your drawer for the last year. Sell it on Facebook market place and you have answers to whatever questions come your way. How big is the hard drive, iOS update, whatever.

So why are so many people, virtually everybody in fact, selling their homes blind… it boggles my mind! Sure, you love your house, and you may know when the roof was done, the age of the hot water tank, when the roof was done and if there’s ever been a leak in the basement. But I can assure you that a home inspector will find something you didn’t know. So wouldn’t you rather that home inspector be on your side? Letting you know all those things that can effect your sale before they effect your sale?

Seems like a no brained to me!

Think about this, and this isn’t a limited example, your roof was done a few years ago and your think all is well. A buyer comes in and gets it inspected and he finds that the roof is actually damaged for whatever reason.. let’s say those 80 to 90 km gusts of wind we sometimes get. Whatever the reason something like that can and does effect the outcome of real estate sales all over the country. It might not shatter the deal to a million pieces, but the buyer now has leverage over you…
The number one rule in negotiating to win, is always have the better hand. In my humble opinion, not getting your home inspected before it even goes on the market is a recipe for disaster.


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Mark Amaral

President and certified professional inspector. Belvedere Inspections Inc is a multi-inspector firm servicing the greater Montreal area. We believe in offering more than just the home inspection which is why we are the first ones to have included exclusive warranties with every inspection.

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