Green Homes Are More Expensive – Fact Or Fiction?

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Green Homes Are More Expensive Fact Or Fiction


Green homes are more expensive, is this fact or fiction: According to the Green Building Institute of Canada,  “Since 2004, LEED has certified over 4,350 buildings in Canada and registered over 8,500 – giving Canada the second highest number of LEED projects anywhere in the world.”


2) Would the cost be significantly higher than if you were to buy a normal pre-construction space?


No, in fact the cost is often only marginally higher. In addition, LEED certified homes are healthier and more energy efficient – the latter can lead to big savings on utility bills: for example, new owners can save on average $900 a year on water and energy bills for a 2,000 sq.ft. detached LEED Canada home located in Ontario. This represents $22,560 over the life of an average mortgage.



I recently attended a very insightful presentation by “Belvedair”, a specialist in the construction of green homes and construction. His research and statistics make a strong case for the significant savings enjoyed by green construction. Check out his presentation below to view some actual potential $$ savings possible through water and energy modifications to your home.


In terms of the volume of LEED green projects across Canada by province, Quebec was the leader with Ontario a close second. View some stats:


CaGBC says LEED projects in Canada have surpassed 1 billion square feet

Green building in Canada has reached a significant milestone, with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) announcing that there are now over 1 billion square feet of LEED projects in Canada. Representing nearly 7,000 LEED buildings, homes and communities since…


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