Great neighborhoods near Montreal

Great Neighborhoods Less Than an Hour Away From the City of Montreal

Great Neighborhoods Less Than an Hour Away From the City of Montreal

Great neighborhoods less than an hour away from the city of Montreal are my findings as a the result of the historical past two years.  This experience has been lifechanging for most people.  My humble opinion at this point, is that we’re all just going to have to live with COVID as we do with the flu. We’ll move from pandemic to endemic and I suspect there will be an annual COVID shot as there is with flu. This virus and its variants are here to stay.

Over the past two years, as the price of single family homes continued to rise, as well as the increased ability to work remote, neighborhoods outside of the city became a popular options for buyers. Quebec has some lovely areas that are less than an hour drive from the city. Neighborhoods such as Saint-Jean Sur Richelieu, Ville de Mont Saint Hilaire.  Otterburn Park, or St Bruno de Montarville are just some of the lesser known jewels, both in their beauty and quality of life. If you don’t need to commute to work or don’t mind the drive to work, then these places are great options to live. Your dollars will stretch a lot farther here.

Now the Montreal Market stats from the last quarter of 2021 for the Montreal CMA via Centris.


Montreal Market stats fourth quarter 2021





If budget allows, some of my favorite areas in Greater Montreal are NDG, St Henri (also known as Little Burgundy), Griffintown, Le Plateau, Vieux Port, Outremont, and Westmount. Vaudreuil, which is about a 40 minute drive from Montreal is an up and coming area where prices are lower. If you need to get downtown there is a train, that runs from Vaudreuil to downtown.



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