Gary Keller's Real Estate Market Insights 2023

Gary Keller’s Real Estate Market Insights 2023

Gary Keller’s Real Estate Market Insights 2023


Gary Keller’s real estate market insights for 2023 give us the visual data and breakdown of how many U.S. households have no mortgages on their property. What percentage of homeowners have more than 50% equity in their residences, and lastly, what percentage of owners still have a mortgage in the U.S.


The data is very insightful as it provides a surprising picture of current real estate equity. The percentage of people with less than 50% equity in their property was found in the smallest group of the 3.


Real Estate Market Update (August 2023) | Market Snapshot

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A look at the latest insights on the real estate market? KW Director of Team Leaders, Jennifer Lewis and Chief Economist Ruben Gonzalez provide a comprehensive overview and examination of the August 2023 real estate landscape. This month, listen to takeaways from Gary Keller’s Market Update (Mega Agent Camp 2023) live from stage! Watch as they delve into key trends, statistics, and market conditions that will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge by staying informed with their in-depth analysis. Join us each month as we explore the current real estate market and uncover the factors that drive it.


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