Do You Really Want To Do Home Buying Visits With Rosie The Robot?

Do You Really Want To Do Home Buying Visits With Rosie The Robot?

Do You Really Want To Do Home Buying Visits With Rosie The Robot?

Do you really want to do home buying visits with Rosie the robot? How does that sound? For myself personally, that would quite honestly be a non starter! I’m not afraid or anything like that. It’s just the thought of doing a home search with a machine has zero appeal for me.

Over their lifetime, real estate brokers and / or agents will buy, sell and rent property for themselves, me included.  There is an emotional component to the process. After all we are human and not completely logical!  Knowledge such as relevant real estate data, neighborhood pros and cons, are important aspects of any transaction but we also appreciate an objective human perspective on things.

The real estate process, particularly in residential buying and selling, requires a high touch and strong human connection.  Where and how we live is an ultimately human experience and when counting on guidance, trust is a huge factor.

With the advent of AI, a very saturated topic, robots are being built and used to accompany buyers on their property search. Check out these few articles that have come out over the past few years.

Robots Join the Sales Team (Published 2020)

Brokers can hand off tours of listings and the litany of client questions to their bionic colleagues, but a human has to step in when a deal is ready to be made. Send any friend a story As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month.

Keeping it Real: Are robot real estate agents the next big thing for the property industry?

In the UK alone, there are 21,641 estate agents – all of whom are paid salaries ranging from £14,000 to £60,000 per year. As the world begins to once again open up, estate agents across the globe are once again out in force but, maybe not for long.

Or this article on the use of Robots in real estate

I think that the use of AI can bring many benefits to aspects of a transaction like checking for errors, chatbots for basic information, or cultivating an automated listings search based on personalized preferences.


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