Mile End Coolest Neighbourhood

The Coolest Neighbourhood In Montreal!

The coolest neighbourhood in Montreal without question is Le Plateau! Every week I go to the Mile End section of Le Plateau for yoga class. I’m fortunate to be in this part of Montreal every weekend as there’s always something new to discover in this neighborhood! The people and shops are so diverse and eclectic, the streets beam with so much character. Real estate wise, there are such colorful, beautiful brownstone like structures with antique architectural details. There’s a fantastic creative energy that lives here, reminding me of the days I lived in Soho New York. A colleague of mine from Texas who purchased a pied a terre in Le Plateau, where she chooses to spend her summers, recently showed me this article. I’m sharing it with you because it really gives you the feeling of what’s it’s live to live and hang out in this wonderful Montreal neighborhood. If there’s another quartier that you feel is the coolest neighborhood in Montreal, I’d love to know about it!

Here’s a great article written by Michael D’alimonte and Laura Hanrahan for Montreal Blog:

Montreal Neighbourhood Ranked #1 Coolest To Live In The Entire World

To discover more about the virtues about living in Le Plateau & Mile End, you can read the article below!

Montreal Neighbourhood Ranked #1 Coolest To Live In The Entire World

When you’re asked by anyone “what are the coolest areas in Montreal?” a few options rise in your mind, depending on who’s asking. If the questioner is new to the city, you may say The Plateau. If they’re looking for a gay old time, then maybe The Village.


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