Condo Buyers New Inspection Rules

Condo Buyers Should Beware Of New Inspection Rules

Condo Buyers Should Beware Of New Inspection Rules

Today’s Press Review from the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board is a nice complilation of interesting articles. One in particular is an article by the Montreal Gazette “Condo Buyers Should Beware of New Inspection Rules”, what you need to know.


Condo buyers should beware new inspection rules

Condo inspection alert: Before purchasing a condo, potential buyers should find out if the building is subject to inspection under 2015 amendments to the Quebec building act, the CMHC advises. CMHC estimates about 1,400 condo and rental buildings in the Montreal area are subject to the regulations that were amended in the interests of public safety.

How my agent found the perfect home in a hot seller’s market

Selling my home was, of course, just the first of two chapters. In part one of this series, I wrote about my experience listing my home and the many ways that our agent helped make the selling process easier and more successful. When my wife and I woke up the next morning, we found ourselves buyers in the red-hot Vancouver housing market.

Château Vaudreuil hotel to be sold

After 27 years of ownership by the Migliorati family of St-Lazare, the luxury waterfront hotel built by Benito Migliorati is being sold.

Canada’s cooling housing market will soon start dragging the economy down, watchdog warns

Canada’s housing sector will soon become a drag on growth as the number of new homes decline, according to the country’s budget watchdog.

Rotterdam’s eye-popping cube houses

It takes a certain type of person to live in one of Rotterdam’s cube houses. First there’s the unusual shape that takes getting used to – each dwelling consists of a tilted cube on a hexagonal column. Then there’s the constant stream of tourists traipsing through the property and its courtyard, gawking and taking photos.


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