Cleaning without chemicals

Cleaning Without Chemicals

For todays blog post I thought I would share a recent article written by the team at Centris on how to clean without chemicals. Here’s the article

Cleaning Without Chemicals

Cleaning without chemicals means your grandmother was right! It is possible to clean your house with natural products.  In addition to being environmentally friendly and economical, natural products are better for your’s and your pet’s health. Finish any store-bought cleaning products that you already own so that you can re-fill the containers with these new recipes:

All-purpose cleaner

½ white vinegar

½ water

8 to 10 drops of lavender or thyme essential oil

This cleaner is effective for virtually all surfaces and can be used to clean the bathroom, the refrigerator, windows, etc. Vinegar has disinfectant and degreasing properties, and contrary to popular belief, its odour disappears after a few seconds and it then gives off a fresh, clean smell. The lavender or thyme essential oils have antibacterial properties and also help give the room a fresh scent. However, it is not advisable to clean marble with this cleaner, as the vinegar may scratch its surface.

Scrub for the kitchen and bathroom

¾ baking soda

A few drops of lemon juice, or lemon, lime or grapefruit essential oil

¼ water, until it forms a thick paste

This scrub is very practical for cleaning bathtubs, shower stalls, as well as bathroom and kitchen sinks. Simply put the scrub on a soft brush or a cloth and wipe the surface. Baking soda acts as a stain remover and it absorbs odours. The acidity of the citrus cleans dirt and grease, and is very effective at dissolving limescale.

Deodorant for the sofa, carpet, curtains, etc.

4 tablespoons of baking soda

5 to 10 drops of essential oil

4 to 6 cups of water

All you need to do is spray the surface and let the product work as long as possible, up to 1 hour. For sofas and carpets, vacuum afterwards for optimal results.

Perfume for the house

60 millilitres of hot water

60 millilitres of vodka or gin

20 to 30 drops of an essential oil

There’s a variety of perfume diffusers that you can buy at the store, but they are often bad for your health. The smoke that results from burning these fragrances releases phthalates, formaldehyde and acrolein. For our homemade perfume, you can either spray this recipe or – for a more effective result – pour it into a decorative ceramic or glass jar, add reed diffusers and soak the tips for about 3 hours before flipping the sticks.

Furniture polish and cleaner

¼ cup olive oil

10 drops of orange essential oil

Simply mix the two ingredients and dip a cleaning cloth into the mixture before applying a very small amount onto the desired surface. Gently rub it in, and it will remove stains and dust in addition to protecting and leaving a polished look.

article via centris
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