Canadian Homeownership

Canadian Homeownership

Canadian Homeownership

For today’s blogpost, I’d like to share with you the press review from the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board. The review consists of a few interesting articles about Canadian homeownership and real estate.


The doomsday scenario: Why you’re more tied to real estate than you think and what you can do about it

Canadian real estate prices only have three main directions they can go: Up, flat or down. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, this article is about what happens if they go down. It is not a prediction, but just trying to paint a picture of just what might be in store for Canadians — and outlining things you can do today to protect yourself.

The dark side of the boom

Rock-bottom interest rates have made big mortgages look less expensive, lighting a fire under house prices. But for many homeowners, when rates start rising, it won’t end well.

How six Canadian households are coping with the high cost of home ownership

Back in October, The Globe invited Canadians to share their biggest financial concerns with us. Hundreds of responses rolled in. We spoke with six households about how they’re coping with the high price of home ownership. Here are their stories.

How tighter rules are pushing homebuyers toward riskier mortgages

Would-be buyers are finding it ever more difficult to get a mortgage from mainstream financial institutions. Is greater regulation driving them into the shadows?

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