Canada’s Real Estate Boom Is Super Hot As Shown Through 13 Charts

Canada’s Real Estate Boom Is Super Hot As Shown Through 13 Charts

Canada’s real estate boom is super hot as shown through a selection of these 13 charts via BuzzBuzz News Canada. The charts reflect home prices across Canada from the 1920’s until 2012, to luxury rent values across 17 cities in the world… “The takeaway: Toronto rents for luxury homes saw the greatest year-over-year appreciation of any market examined. It beat out places including central London, Shanghai and New York.” Altogether, these charts tell a visual story of Canada’s real estate boom!

Another chart illustrates the difference between the U.S. housing crash and Canadian housing.


Chart Via Buzzbuzz News Canada
The takeaway: “One of the triggers for the US housing crisis, poor mortgage origination standards, looks to be less of an issue here,” write CIBC economists Avery Shenfeld, Andrew Grantham and Nick Exarhos.”

One chart in particular shows that the Toronto housing market may soon cool….click below to read the full article and view all the charts;

13 more charts that put Canada’s super-hot real estate boom in focus

There is no shortage of reports on the Canadian housing market as it rides a tidal wave of exuberance from its biggest markets. To give context, BuzzBuzzNews has gathered 13 more charts that explain where the market has been and suggest where it might be headed.

Another interesting article from this source on “should we fret about a Canadian housing correction;

Should we actually fret about a Canadian housing correction?

There hasn’t been any shortage of incendiary headlines lately suggesting the Canadian housing market is teetering toward the brink. “Pop Canada’s housing bubble, before it pops the economy,” the Globe and Mail’s editorial board recommended this past weekend. “How Canada’s real estate market went completely insane,” reads a recent explainer care of Canadian Business.

According to this recent Bloomberg article, Montreal faces a serious housing shortage as listings decline.

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