Canada's 10 Best Places To Raise Kids

Canada’s 10 Best Neighborhoods To Raise Kids

Canada’s 10 Best Neighborhoods To Raise Kids

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Canada’s 10 Best Neighborhoods To Raise Kids includes a fantastic neighborhood called St Bruno De Montarville. In fact, according to an article by Moneysense, St Bruno ranks number #1  as one of the best places to raise kids.

I recently worked with a lovely young family looking to purchase their first home. They told me about St Bruno and off we went to visit homes. It did not disappoint! I can see why the data showed that St Bruno proved to be one of Canada’s best neighborhoods to raise kids. Only 30 minutes from Montreal, this small community with tons of green space, has a tight community of residents that have made St Bruno their home for decades. There’s a small village with shops and a beautiful national park. Although prices have climbed over the past two years, homes prices are still reasonable and your dollar goes along way in what you’ll get compared to home prices in Greater Montreal.

You can learn more about St Bruno by visiting the municipality’s website,

Or learn more about St Bruno National Park

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