5 reasons Gen X moms are the best real estate agents

5 reasons Gen X moms are the best real estate agents

As a mother of 3 plus one kids, I can honestly say that I love this article that makes the best case as to why us Gen X moms make the best real estate agents!



Key Takeaways
Youth is honored in our society, but often age holds way more value.
Technology and response time are not only dependent upon age. Often in an effort to keep up with youth, older people embrace technology as well.
Sometimes buyers and sellers need and want a mother’s touch; someone taking care of them and their needs. Motherhood prepares us to not be surprised by millennials wants in a home — and to be creative in helping them find it.
The Broke Agent is all over real estate social media. The Broke Agent is run by Eric Simon who has a slew of writers that write comedic real estate content. Lots of The Broke Agent’s stuff is hilarious to me, as a real estate agent agent. Simon and crew recently posted this blog: “Five Reasons to Work with Millennial Agents.”

The very first blog I ever wrote was about why agents get better with age, so I, of course, took issue with this blog from The Broke Agent. So I came up with my own twist: why millennials should work with Gen X moms.

Some of us are old enough to parent millennials, or we parent the Y Generation (depending on whose definition of millennial you use), which makes us brilliant when dealing with millennials.

5 reasons millennials should work with Generation X real estate agents

Here are five reasons millennials should choose Gen X moms as their agents:

1. Quick response time? Absolutely

We have adapted to technology, though it isn’t part of us like it is for millennials. But we have kids, and they text and message — so we do too.

They are on social media, and so are we. It might have started out that we joined up just to see what our kids were posting and what their friends were posting, but we have embraced it all.

And likely you will find us everywhere. Friend us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter; find us on Instagram — we are there, sometimes with several pages.
2. Tech savviness — check!

We might not be the very first to use something, but we certainly aren’t the last to adopt new technology. We listen openly to suggestions and ideas knowing that there is always a lot to learn.

We have had to keep up with our kids so they have everything they need, and we can help them (and we can spy on them). We are open to, and used to learning new things — nothing scares us.

3. Emotional involvement — we care

We often treat transactions like one of our children. We oversee all of the details. We make sure you are doing your part. We follow up with all of the players involved.

When things blow up, you know what we don’t do? We don’t give up. We work harder, we look for a different angle, a different way to make a negotiation work. We get creative.

We are used to solving problems so that our people come out on top where they belong. You don’t mess with mama bears.

4. Personal experience — we’ve got loads of it

You’re probably going to get that with us too. Remember, we are moms. We have had to juggle our careers with raising our children.

We knew we could dominate the real estate world, but we chose our family. We have chosen to live with less money and more time with our kids.

We wanted to have the time to work with each and every client because we have a passion for the job; and we don’t want to step away from the property showing and listings. We still love it.

5. We might party, but we aren’t so old that we forgot how to dance on the bar

But chances are, we will give you something awesome instead of picking up the bar tab. Something that you really need or want for your new house.

Because we listen, we pay attention, and we want to take care of you — because we are moms. We want you to remember us, so we want to give you something that makes you think of us all the time, and maybe feel guilty for not calling us lately.

Mom plus agent equals superhero

I think it’s clear that a Gen X mom is the bomb when it comes to real estate agents.

One thing we also most likely have is experience, so those issues that might derail a deal with a less seasoned agent, we handle with ease.

We are also able to advise millennials and use our own experiences and our previous clients’ experiences to make sure they don’t make the mistakes we did or have seen so many times.

We will also most likely make millennials feel like the rock stars they are for having a job and saving up enough to cover closing costs. We will understand the need for an Xbox room, even if you’re 30. And we can help you budget finances and keep things in perspective, just like we do for our kids.

We might even be familiar with your music, and no one can do a driving dance party like a Gen X mom because we don’t care what people think of us anymore.

We are basically at our prime. We know we are cool, we know what matters in life, and we know millennials need to buy a house.

Beat that Broke Agent; you just got served, son — boom!

Mary McIntosh is a real estate agent with Re/Max Infinity.




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